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Raw Jade for sale.

Raw Jade for Sale.

Beautiful raw cut jade deals are here, you buy direct from the Myanmar jade source. Keep in mind its jadeite jade which is the best and we have very competitive prices for raw jade stone & A quality product with great value. For more quality raw natural jade have a look here. This could be an interesting hobby and also a good idea for extra income Burmese jade is spectacular gemstone material.

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Raw cuts of jadeite jade stones

Raw cuts of jadeite jade stones. Attractive pieces of raw Burmese jadeite jade $ 60,- as shown above and to the right. All genuine untreated jade stone. Needs to indicate the color since the whole spectrum is available.

Jade market

Jade market in Myanmar. presenting lavender and green raw stone cut slices, which one you like?

Jade Ball chains

Jadeite jade necklace

About 60 cm in lenght pure best grade A jadeite jade quality . Different sizes available.

Jade bracelets plus some more amber products to see the difference. The jade bracelets are for a bout$ 4,- each in quantities.

Rose Quartz Attraction On Sale.

Bracelets $ 15,- in quantities.

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ID rqb

Outer diameter 7.5 cm

inner diameter 6 cm

Outer diameter sphere diameter 7 cm

Also as necklace ball-chain and other variants. Very chic & a trendy material since rose and pink are colors south after colors but cheap in terms of prices keep in mind this is natural and beautiful valuable gemstone.

$ 4,- in quantities


Raw green jadeite jade

White & green jade bangle.
Jadeite Jade Bangle

Attractive Jadeite Jade cuts where the stone is visible from every side for inspection to make sure there is no fake jade stone.

ID = Lavj

6x5.5 cm x 2.5cm =$ 85,-

If any special request in terms of size and color pls indicate. We also take inquiries on jewelry items low price offers can be made when in quantities including special carvings can be done.

Actually Myanmar (the former Burma) is oone of the very few sources of lavender jade, Another source is Guatemala where the slightly purple stone is still mind this are onle 2 sources globally. There is no other colored violet / lavender stone available. This has to do with the geologic circumstances of that area in the north of Myanmar and kept the mines rare and unique.

Elegant bangles partly source their attraction from being of different colors which blend harmonically on the wrist. Most are in the white green spectrum but also other colors such as lavender is merged into. It needs some handcrafting ability to do this in the proper way so that there is a flow in the colors since this is made from Burmese jadeite jade which is extremely hard it's not so easy. The bangles here are of natural jadeite jade and colors not artificially enhanced, just pure from "mother nature" it will bring a long lasting shine on you admired by anyone this pretty thing on your wrist costs only $ 134,- including delivery by registered air mail.

Pls. indicated WG B when inquire.

Jadeite Jade Bangle on sale.

ID = jbgr

Outer diameter 8 cm

inner diameter 6.7 cm

Jadeite has a different color spectrum compared to normal jade which together is one of the reasons for the higher price with the higher color intensity is also the reason for the higher price of Burmese jadeite. Jade is somehow a mythical stone with even supernatural properties foe many Chinese connoisseurs who are able to appreciate that.

$ 126,- by registered air mail includes tracking code so you can trace the parcel from every post office on the planet, yes that really works, no joke

Burmese jade is sought after not only be Chinese connoisseurs.

Please indicate ID=JAM when inquire.

Deep magenta high grade jadeite jade bangle on sale.

Dark green round raw Burmese jadeite jade

Genuine natural jadeite jade not enhanced nor manipulated just a pure nature stone. Other sizes and colors on request, above specimen

Pls, indicate JAD RG when inquiring

Green white lavender round Burmese jadeite jade.

Diameter 5.5 cm hight 1.6 cm

Ideal for carving artwork such as pendants and rings. This are grade A jadeite jade from Myanmar / Burma with top quality no cracks no enhancements.

Pls, indicate JAD RGL when inquiring.

Like it? we make you an offer. pls. use jade4beauty@gmail.com and many other custom requests too.

More novelties and unique attractive jewelry ideas

About shipping.

if the shipment value is more than $ 100,- shipping is of no costs. if below $ 100,- shipping costs are $ 28,- per piece. pls. note jade is a very heavy stone. We use the traditional post air mail including a tracking number which can can be traced in every country. Until now we never lost anything.

Raw Green Burmese Jadeite jade


5x5.5 cm x 2cm =$ 65,-

Our source for Burmese Jadeite is continuously delivering best Grade A jade stone from the mines in north Myanmar Kachin State where the top quality stone material come from. A few hundred km to the south close to the Irrawaddy River are the best ruby sources on the planet that is in Mogok Myanmar its the same with jadeite which is top notch Burmese Jade.

Our operations in Myanmar gave us the opportunities for access to very attractive rose quartz products such as simple rose raw stone, among other and plenty of other precious natural material.

Raw cuts of jadeite jade stones

Raw cuts of jadeite jade stones. Attractive pieces of raw Burmese jadeite jade $ 60,- as shown above and to the right. All genuine untreated jade stone. Needs to indicate the color since the whole spectrum is available.

Jade market

Jade market in Myanmar. presenting lavender and green raw stone cut slices, which one you like?

Jade Ball chains

Jadeite jade necklace

About 60 cm in lenght pure best grade A jadeite jade quality . Different sizes available.

Jade bracelets plus some more amber products to see the difference. The jade bracelets are for a bout$ 4,- each in quantities.

Jade and ruby & rose quartz products such as:

Multi-color jade Bangle with top quality and white green and lavender color flowing into each other, very attractive pattern women love it. This are the jadeite jade dream of thousands of people from the "Empire of the Middle' as it was 6000years ago and still is today what has changed is the technology to handle the jade stone and the buying power is in more even hand. Today everyone has enough money available to go shopping for jade either in the shopping center in down town or using he computer or mobile phone via shopping in the internet. Another marvelous stone material which go's hand in hand with jade is rose quartz complementing the green stone of most Burmese jade.

Some of our bangles for sale in the online jade shop pls. note that there ia a wide price range of bangles and bracelets it depends on the quality which again is dominated by the color and translucency. we deal only in top quality jade and rose quartz stone. Since this stone shows the best colors.

Burmese Jade Bangle Green White Lavender

Burmese Jade Bangle Green White Lavender

All rose-quartz and jade stone bracelets and bangles presented here are handcrafted and designed by a master artist who delegates the various part of the jewelry design each piece to the detail designer. They work with silver and beads plus jade balls and bangles and naturally precious and other gemstones must not always be ruby and sapphires although they are the most of the basic design currently very fashionable, trendy and affordable are jade variants including rose-quartz designs such as bangles and bracelets since they match the tast of most current fashion minded women.

Rose-quartz is the unique currently trendy.

Its a unique trend which includes the younger generation the positive addition is rose quartz is not on the very high end of the jewelry range so its still affordable although having a personal touch and fits almost any outfit. Stone bangles are the ideal objects to adorn yourselves. Just watch this pretty things below you can buy that and it will brighten your day every day.

Pretty rose quartz bangle

Actually the beauty of rose quartz jewelry got more follower in recent years since the stone material is really attractive because it shines at any women's wrist.

6 cm inner x 8 cm outer diameter

$ 128,- by registered air mail

If the shipping value combined is over $ 100,- its free shipping, if below $ 100,- its $ 25,- shipping for each item. We recommend to buy several at once. Pls. keep in mind jadeite jade is a heavy gemstone.

Please indicate RQB when inquire.

Our natural jadeite jade shop is not only about jade.

Have a look for attractive rose quartz bangles & bracelets and bracelet they are real beautiful and give a mystic aura to the women who wears it.

Our natural jade shop

comes with several pretty funky and decorative item e.g. ball chains made from jade, sapphire & rubies not glitter since jade is not a glittering stone but it can wake up creativity by creating something with your hands and your mind , the Chinese do this since more than 6k years and they are very successful in their drive to use this as a means of business and earn money with it .

Any questions? pls. use: jade4beauty@gmail.com

Goods delivery time is within a week by registered air mail.

Every parcel has a tracking code which you can check with your local Post Office, until now we never lost anything. Available are high quality raw jade pieces, rocks and various cuts plus high end products also of other raw material such as amber and other gemstones, so that the user know whats inside before he/she buys the pretty thing. Several of the most exiting jade shops are in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and one of them is the Jade-Museum.

Jadeite jade ball chains for sale they are from around half meter to one meter in various colors and can be custom made to any length.

If the overall shipping volume is more than $ 100,- the jade shipping is free, if below $ 100,- shipping is $ 25,- per item.

We use only natural grade A jade.

That is the original Burmese Jade. Actually everyone using high quality jade in tandem with diamonds do the same since both are on the high end of products. The jade shop is extended gradually and exciting novelties are available continuously in terms of design, colors and carving. Pls. ask any question to the email indicated below.

Other interesting semi finished material is:

Jade Cabochon.

Jade cabochons are shoppers delight to be included into a more complex composition with plenty of different colors and sizes. Some of the most exiting jade stone products are cabochons usually highly polished. They come in countless of varieties which are mostly real "eye candy" since the are used often as fashion novelties all kind of of special cuts and designs are available or custom made.

Jade Buddha Pendants.

Attractive jadeite versions are made in Myanmar (Burma) and a popular nephrite (Chinese version) is Hetian Jade. But since their mines are slowly getting exhausted the Chinese import increasingly the raw jade stones from Canada (BC), Australia and other parts of the world and make small pieces of jade jewelry art out of it (carving). The art is in a form of pretty jade carvings which is actually drilling. Just have a look at the pictures of jadeite jade here they are self explaining.

We took some very pretty green and other jade color pendants and bangles to show you, they are impressive and not costly although of good quality and workmanship there are many more just have a look.

Jadeite Jade Bangles Selection

Jadeite Jade Bangles Selection

All are genuine pure jadeite Jade bangles untreated if you like any of this beauties tell us upper or lower row and number count from right its all untainted Burmese Jade, each $ 140,- including shipment by registered air mail you will get the post office tracking code and the pretty jade jewelry is in your hand in a week.

A unique novelty.

South Sea Pearls.

Cultured in the warm waters of the Myanmar Andaman Sea prices between $ 100,- 200,-for 12 cm diameter balls depends on quality, golden, silver , white, pink pearls are available usually with up to 15 cm diameter.

South sea pearls

Grown in Myanmar's Myeik archipelago in the Andaman Sea about 700 km north of Phuket Thailand

Ethnic jewelry from Myanmar.

Puppets and marionettes from Myanmar.

green jade cabochons

Green Burmese jade cabochon for cabbing among other.

amber cabochon

Amber cabochon from Myanmar.

red ruby cabochons

Red ruby cabochons

Gemstone Novelties.

Gemstone Novelties with jade cabochons are the perfect material for pretty rings and necklaces plus jade Buddha pendants bangles and bracelets since they looks great can be highly polished do really shine and comes in various sizes and colors. Gemstone cabochons have been maybe the first jewelry and stone body decorations at all because never before the 18th century people had the tools to form real gemstones they simply were too hard only at the advent of the 19th century tools and materials become available to handle gemstone cabochons and ruby sapphire plus jade where the first serious handmade creation beside the pure natural made such as "river jade" which was purely made be mother-nature.

Jade Resources.

Jade was one of the first creative materials to be used since Chinese craftsman already tried for long time to be creative with nephrite they even used the "stone of heaven" for medical purpose.

Any question just ask at: jade4beauty@gmail.com

Raw jade

Pieces of raw jadeite jade each piece $ 40,- if the combined shipping value is over $ 100,- it's free shipping.

Pls. Contact: jade4beauty@gmail.com

Jade Ball Chains

Inquiries welcome.

Colorful jade & amber plus ruby & sapphire bracelets.

Want to TDY, have some expressive and creative ideas buy our raw jade stones and this jade carving tools and give it a try, be creative with jade or maybe rose-quartz there are beautiful artworks which can be done with some creative handcraft it rather on the low price side you will need some time to become a "jade-master". but after you can earn quite some money and do your own creative work.